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In order to have broader impact, the New Earth Foundation (INVE), is documenting the outcomes of the programming and living model for others to use. Our study designs are supervised by a Phd clinician and a former NIH trial designer. We want to know if these programs can work to effectuate lasting change in the way humans love and think.

Your membership in and donation to New Earth supports:

– development of experimental programming models, including outcome studies in trauma recovery, in behavioral modification and in psychoemotional performance improvement.
– development of documented replicable micro-ag permaculture economic experiments
– development of co-living infrastructure
– special projects in integral living and human consciousness

Your donation may also support scholarships for Artists-in-Residence and Sanctuary recipients, should you so choose.

If you have questions on this or would like to discuss participating as a backer, or if you can contribute in kind or would like to collaborate on this, contact Christine. We’d love to talk with you.